So long my Banksy…

After two previous attempts to sell it on my hand stencilled copy of the Capoeira Twins ‘4×3’ 12″ record sleeve finally sold the other week for £410 to a buyer in Sweden. I didn’t really want to sell it but as a result Mr Natwest might be a bit more happier now that I did.

I was originally sent this back in 1999 by the Bristol based press and promotions company, Timebomb. I think I was more impressed by the tune at the time and subsquently gave it a good review for the magazine, ‘Level’ that me and Daniel King wrote for under the name The Consultants. At the time I was also starting to DJ around the capital and it probably got a couple of spins at the Bloodshot Mafia night that me and a few others were involved with (all too briefly) at Fluid down there on Charterhouse Street.

Then after numerous flat moves the record ended up sitting in a Big Yellow Storage room until last autumn when I decided that it was time to try and sell it. A bit of internet investigation proved my memory right and via the forums at it was confirmed by the Capoeira Twins themselves that it was done by Banksy.

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