Archive : Justice Benefit – The Loft, Brighton 1994

Justice Benefit, The Loft, Brighton 1994
This lot used to organise some of the great free parties in and around Brighton circa 1994.

I remember attending a couple along past the Marina under the cliffs near Rottingdean in the summer of the same year. We rode down there on our bikes believing nothing was happening until we saw the lights of a transit winding its way along the darkened sea front.  Within a few minutes of its arrival the sound system was fired up and the party had started!

I went to one more, but within a few weeks it had turned sour and there was reports of people trying to cash in on it selling beer and that. Apparently some girl fell from the cliff as well. Tell me if I’m wrong.

There used to be a shop in Brighton on Trafalgar Street? The one that runs down from the station through to the lanes. Tell me again if my memory is wrong. I popped in there one day in the summer of ’94 and picked up a long sleeved tee and some stickers. Probably this flyer too.

The Loft used to be near Churchill Square on Dyke Road? Again its been a while?

Bob Hopes you’ve got no dope!

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