Consultthis mix: 01/10/10

CDR # 1.

# 1. Done.  The results of a week alone and too many late night beers. You can hear it here (minus a few tracks) care of Spotify.  Here is the tracklisting with a few videos thrown in.

1. Tom Waits > What’s He Building (from the album ‘Mule Variations’) 1999

Heard this one playing around the office for a while. Had to pin it down and get it for the intro.

2. The Fall > Bury Pts. 1 + 3 (from the album ‘Your Future Our Clutter’) 2010

Mark E. Smith at his best again.

3. These New Puritans > We Want War (from the album ‘Hidden’) 2010

Stand out track from the album and fantastic when played live with the full strings and horns.

4.  Throbbing Gristle > Persuasion (from the album ’20 Jazz Funk Greats’) 1979

Originally knew this song due to Billie Ray Martin’s version on the first Trance Europe Express compilation. This live video is one of my repeat plays on YouTube.  Love it.

5. Kraftwerk > Ohm Sweet Ohm (from the album ‘Radio-Activity’) 1975

It was only recently that I found out this was sampled on The Chemical Brothers ‘Leave Home’. Love those little moments!

6. Scott Walker > Farmer In The City (from the album ‘Tilt’) 1995

Another work find. As sampled on UNKLE feat. Ian Brown- Reign

7. Patti Smith Group > Pissing In The River (from the album ‘Radio Ethiopa’) 1976

As sampled on DJ Shadow – Blood On The Motorway

8. Cocteau Twins > Lazy Calm (‘Victorialand’) 1986

9. Talk Talk > April 5th (‘The Colour Of Spring’) 1986

Fragments of these two featured in the FSOL essential mixes in the mid-90’s and they still sound great today.

10. Walter Murch > Whats Wrong? (1971)

From George Lucas’ ‘THX 1138.  Sampled by The Shaman to Nine Inch Nails, this soundtrack is the work of film editor and sound designer, Walter Murch.

(This has fallen foul to the “Embedding disabled by request” so click here to view)

11. Sally Shapiro > Swimming Through The Blue Lagoon (‘My Guily Pleasure’) 2009

12.   Courtney Tidwell > Don’t let Star Keep Us Tangled Up (Ewan Pearson’s All This Has Happened Before Beatless Version) 2009

13. Q Lazzarus & Garvey > Goodbye, Horses (1988)

As featured in ‘Silence of The Lambs’.

Enjoy the ‘mix’ and please leave your thoughts in a comment!

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