Archive: Flyers – Friction @ Bar Rhumba 1998

Friction @ Bar Rhumba 20/03/98

Managed to attend a couple of these nights down at Bar Rhumba back in ’98 when the breaks, nu skool breakz, call it what you want scene was really kicking off. Adam Freeland would tear the place apart, while Tayo used to play the bar. Excellent stuff.  Always had a great time down Bar Rhumba. These nights were certainly some of the best.


Friction @ Bar Rhumba 17/04/98

Did you ever attend a night at Friction? If so leave a comment.


Various: Bassbin Twins Vs Marine Parade
Various: Mobb Deep Vol 01 Tayo

Archive: Balance @ Plastic People flyers circa 2000

A few flyers for the Balance night that used to happen down at Plastic People.  Featuring the Post Office tower (above) Centre Point (below) and then the fabric design from the London Underground seats.

Did you ever attend a night down at Balance? If so please leave any memories in a comment.

Archive: Back 2 Mono @ The Blue Note 1998

Back 2 Mono flyer

Flyer for Wall Of Sound’s ‘Back 2 Mono’ night at The Blue Note, Hoxton Square, London. Never managed to attend any night down at the club, but the flyers were always worth picking up.

Archive: Ninja Tune flyers circa 1999/2000

Ninja Tune flyers:  live shows / club nights / promo

Ninja Tune - No Skool flyer
Solid Steel flyerXen flyerXen

Archive: invite to Muzik magazine awards aftershow party 2001

Muzik magazine awards 2001
Here is the front and back of the invite for the 2001 Muzik mag awards after party.  I think I managed to get down there care of Breakin Point who I was writing for at the time. Can’t remember much after all the years. Sadly I can remember watching the Cuban Brothers and thats about it.

It was held at Bishopsgate Viaduct which was like an old catacomb of Victorian tunnels and arches over there in Shoreditch.

Muzik magazine awards 2001
Now the place is just dust and its buried under the soon to be opened Crossrail train line. People with an interest in the past might like a look at this site which features history and photos of what it used to be.

Archive : Justice Benefit – The Loft, Brighton 1994

Justice Benefit, The Loft, Brighton 1994
This lot used to organise some of the great free parties in and around Brighton circa 1994.

I remember attending a couple along past the Marina under the cliffs near Rottingdean in the summer of the same year. We rode down there on our bikes believing nothing was happening until we saw the lights of a transit winding its way along the darkened sea front.  Within a few minutes of its arrival the sound system was fired up and the party had started!

I went to one more, but within a few weeks it had turned sour and there was reports of people trying to cash in on it selling beer and that. Apparently some girl fell from the cliff as well. Tell me if I’m wrong.

There used to be a shop in Brighton on Trafalgar Street? The one that runs down from the station through to the lanes. Tell me again if my memory is wrong. I popped in there one day in the summer of ’94 and picked up a long sleeved tee and some stickers. Probably this flyer too.

The Loft used to be near Churchill Square on Dyke Road? Again its been a while?

Bob Hopes you’ve got no dope!

Archive: Midi Circus, The Event, Brighton 09/06/93

Archive: Megadog presents The Midi Circus, The Event, Brighton 09/06/93

£8 to see Aphex Twin and Orbital at one event! You’d probably have to pay ten times as much to see just one of them now. And then it would probably have to involve camping or something.

All I can remember from this is being blown away by the Aphex Twin’s performance.  That proper old school “oh my god that bass and volume has made me shit my pants” feeling. And the stobes. And ‘Didgeridoo’ live.

Again, I’ve got a C90 somewhere of Richard James playing a similar set at the same years Sound City which was broadcast on Radio 1FM.

Midi Circus ticket June 9th 1993 Brighton


Archive: Deviant flyer 1999

Deviant flyer 1999
Despite coming to an end a few years ago Deviant recently returned to The Social on Little Portland Street to celebrate 10 years. This flyer is back from when it all started in 1999.

Many a Friday was written off as a result of attending this night and frankly nothing before or after it at the Social has beaten it for atmosphere and top notch music all night long.

Started by Stuart Patterson the one time Soulsonic man and now Faith and East Village head honcho, Deviant allowed DJ’s to dig into the their collections and take a break from what they normally played.

A few years back the Social lost its way after those stupid ‘dancing’ restrictions came in and Deviant came to an end and Patterson moved the party futher out west to The Lodge.

The night put out one compilation and it also created a love story that will see a wedding in July this year!!

Archive: Mowax presents Build And Destroy

Build and Destroy

Flyer for Mowax Build And Destroy night at Fabric, London circa 1998 / 1999. Front and rear displayed.

Build And Destory