Trevor Jackson’s – F O R M A T – exhibition

The Trevor Jackson revival is on! Yep, the designer, music producer, film maker, one time record label owner and Playgroup man is back. Last week saw the release of ‘F O R M A T’ his new album. A unique art project where each of the 12 tracks have been released across 12 formats ranging from 12″ vinyl to 8-track cartridge and reel to reel tape.

To celebrate the launch a very short exhibition was held in Soho, London. The location to be precise was the lower level of the multi-storey car park on Brewer Street.


One darkened room was set aside and featured 12 plinths, each with 2 pairs of headphones, where you could listen to each track whilst watching the format play before you. A spinning 12″ vinyl, a rotating cassette, the volume meters on an eight track or the visual patterns from iTunes and a USB. All beautifully shot on corresponding short films.


The formats were available to buy. The 12″ vinyl being the most popular, mainly because it was the most affordable. A framed reel to reel was something like £2500. I came away with nothing other then the urge to hear the whole album in full as soon as possible.

In the meantime you’ll just have to make do with re-educating yourselves on all things Trevor Jackson. Like the time he took a full page ad out in Vice to have a moan / dig at his artists. Read that and have a listen to some music from Output Recordings, his old label.

You might stop the party, but you couldn’t stop the future!

Good to see that 20 years on from the Criminal Justice Act illegal raves are still going strong in the Sussex countryside.

One made the headlines after taking place in Devil’s Dyke at the weekend, resulting in usual over the top reporting from the Daily Mail website.


As Spiral Tribe said 20 years ago “You might stop the party, but you can’t stop the future.”

Handle With Care…

Do you purchase or sell goods online?  If so this clip from Channel 4’s recent Dispatches programme may make you rather angry.

As someone who has worked in and around mail order for sometime I’ve always joked that packages sometimes look like they’ve been kicked to their destination. Obviously its a mindless few who tarnish these companies reputations but its pretty depressing to see goods being treated this way.

They are not perfect angels themselves, but the news that the Royal Mail is to be sold is also depressing. Customer service is likely to be a very busy role to be in come 2014.

Drum & Bass Arena : Decade of D’n’B podcasts

D&BA Founder, The Risky rounds up the last ten years of Drum&Bass in these 3 podcasts.

Part 1 (2000-2002)
Part 2 (2003-2005)
Part 3 (2006-2009)

News: new UNKLE teaser to download

Go here to download ‘Natural Selection’ – a free taster of the new UNKLE album ‘Where Did The Night Fall’.