Archive: Its the Brits!

Its the second week of February so it must be Brits week!

Ticket for the Brit awards 1992

My sister was a member of the Britannia Music Club.  The club who would always advertise in the weekend supplements.  You signed up and got 10 CDs for free and then you would get sent another one each month. You either had to cough up the cash or send it back. It was always a poor selection.

They had competition or a give away and my sister managed to get a couple of tickets for the 1992 Brit Awards at Hammersmith Odeon.  Result! The only downside was we had to wear evening dress!

However that was a small price to pay for getting the chance to see a bit of Brits history in the making…


Archive: Suede, The Event, Brighton 1993

Suede recently released a greatest hits compilation, ‘The Best Of Suede’ and on Tuesday 7th December they play the O2, London.

So I thought it was time to post another ticket from the archive. One when I saw Suede play the Brighton Event. Support was from ‘Sharkboy’.

I wrote on the back of the ticket, ‘re-scheduled 19/05/93’ so I assume this was when the gig took place and the not the April date.

Also on the back are the songs played that night;

The Next Life / Moving / Animal Nitrate / Pantomine Horse / Metal Mickey / My Insatiable One / The Drowners / So Young / She’s Not Dead / Painted People / He’s Dead / To The Birds

Bernard Butler was still in the band of course and the I think the gig was just before or after the self titled debut album. The only memory I have was that it was rammed inside the Event.  Evidently oversold on the tickets due to the hype surrounding the band at the time. After trying to stick it out around the front I remember pretty much getting forced all the way back to the sides by the swirling crowd.

Just check out the price on the ticket. £7. I’m showing my age here, but that would probably get you nothing more then 2 beers at the 02.

Were you also at the gig? If so, leave your memories in a comment!

Listen: Suede – Suede (Remastered)

Archive: Midi Circus, The Event, Brighton 09/06/93

Archive: Megadog presents The Midi Circus, The Event, Brighton 09/06/93

£8 to see Aphex Twin and Orbital at one event! You’d probably have to pay ten times as much to see just one of them now. And then it would probably have to involve camping or something.

All I can remember from this is being blown away by the Aphex Twin’s performance.  That proper old school “oh my god that bass and volume has made me shit my pants” feeling. And the stobes. And ‘Didgeridoo’ live.

Again, I’ve got a C90 somewhere of Richard James playing a similar set at the same years Sound City which was broadcast on Radio 1FM.

Midi Circus ticket June 9th 1993 Brighton


Archive: Great Xpectations, London, 13/06/93

Archive: Great Xpectations, London, 13/06/93

Xfm Great Xpectations June 13th 1993

A special benefit concert for Xfm which back then was broadcasting on occasional monthly licenses in the capital. It was also a hell of a lot more interesting then the MOR indie machine it is today.

On the day the musical highlights were Catherine Wheel, Kingmaker, Senseless Things, Carter USM a surprise acoustic set from Damon Albarn & Graham Coxon from Blur plus the headliners The Cure.

Despite living in around London for the last 36 years this was the one and only time I’ve ever been to Finsbury Park. North London innit…

Archive: Pop Will Eat Itself @ Hewison Hall, Brighton Centre, 14/07/94

Archive: Pop Will Eat Itself  @ Hewison Hall, Brighton Centre, 14/07/94

Pop Will Eat Itself, Hewison Hall, Brighton 14/07/94

After technical problems resulted in the band leaving the stage to a shower of beer cans and rubbish at the earlier Brighton Essential Festival, PWEI came back to the town a couple of months later. Luckily enough I was still around that summer to enjoy this treat in one of the rooms on the seafront Centre. However I cannot remember any of it 15 years later.

Archive: Utah Saints + Andy Weatherall @ The Zap Club 1993

Utah Saints ticket 1993
Utah Saints + Andy Weatherall @ The Zap club, Brighton, 14 June 1993

After seing the Utah Saints support The Shamen at The Event earlier on in the year we had to go down and see them again when they came back to play Brighton’s coolest club (at the time) The Zap.

Back suppporting the Shamen the lead singer Jez performed with a leg in plaster. This time at the Zap they were playing the black and white tiled stage alongside Andrew Weatherall who DJ’d prior to the Utah’s set.

Utah Saints flyer The Zap 1993

Often ridculed for all the wrong reasons the Utah Saints pulled off a great show and one day I’ll get around to uploading a live set from Sheffield Sound City I’ve got on a C90 somewhere to show you.

While the Saint’s were marching on, Andrew Weatherall stood in front of me chatting to someone about his forthcoming project, Sabres Of Paradise…

Listen: Utah Saints – UTAH SAINTS

Archive: Essential Festival, Brighton 03/06/93

USSU Carnival '93 Brighton

Essential Festival, Brighton 03/06/93