Archive: Great Xpectations, London, 13/06/93

Archive: Great Xpectations, London, 13/06/93

Xfm Great Xpectations June 13th 1993

A special benefit concert for Xfm which back then was broadcasting on occasional monthly licenses in the capital. It was also a hell of a lot more interesting then the MOR indie machine it is today.

On the day the musical highlights were Catherine Wheel, Kingmaker, Senseless Things, Carter USM a surprise acoustic set from Damon Albarn & Graham Coxon from Blur plus the headliners The Cure.

Despite living in around London for the last 36 years this was the one and only time I’ve ever been to Finsbury Park. North London innit…

Archive: Pop Will Eat Itself @ Hewison Hall, Brighton Centre, 14/07/94

Archive: Pop Will Eat Itself  @ Hewison Hall, Brighton Centre, 14/07/94

Pop Will Eat Itself, Hewison Hall, Brighton 14/07/94

After technical problems resulted in the band leaving the stage to a shower of beer cans and rubbish at the earlier Brighton Essential Festival, PWEI came back to the town a couple of months later. Luckily enough I was still around that summer to enjoy this treat in one of the rooms on the seafront Centre. However I cannot remember any of it 15 years later.

Archive: Utah Saints + Andy Weatherall @ The Zap Club 1993

Utah Saints ticket 1993
Utah Saints + Andy Weatherall @ The Zap club, Brighton, 14 June 1993

After seing the Utah Saints support The Shamen at The Event earlier on in the year we had to go down and see them again when they came back to play Brighton’s coolest club (at the time) The Zap.

Back suppporting the Shamen the lead singer Jez performed with a leg in plaster. This time at the Zap they were playing the black and white tiled stage alongside Andrew Weatherall who DJ’d prior to the Utah’s set.

Utah Saints flyer The Zap 1993

Often ridculed for all the wrong reasons the Utah Saints pulled off a great show and one day I’ll get around to uploading a live set from Sheffield Sound City I’ve got on a C90 somewhere to show you.

While the Saint’s were marching on, Andrew Weatherall stood in front of me chatting to someone about his forthcoming project, Sabres Of Paradise…

Listen: Utah Saints – UTAH SAINTS

Archive: Essential Festival, Brighton 03/06/93

USSU Carnival '93 Brighton

Essential Festival, Brighton 03/06/93

Archive: Essential Festival Indie Alldayer 27/05/95

Essential Music Festival 27/05/95

Essential Festival, Indie Alldayer, Stanmer Park, Brighton 27/05/95. I have no recollection of this at all. Not even the performances of Carter USM and PWEI who were probably my main attraction for me on the day. Do you? If so leave your memories in the comments section below.

Archive: Essential Music Festival 1996

Essential Music Festival 1996

The Essential Music Festival Dance Alldayer : Stanmer Park, Brighton, 25/05/96

Another year down there at Stanmer Park, Brighton. By now the Essential was getting bigger and bigger. Split into two days, this was ‘Dance’ day. The other being ‘indie’. Of course.

On the bill: The Prodigy / Underworld / Goldie / Dreadzone / System 7 / Mark Stewart / Spooky / Red Snapper / Fluke / Slab / Grooverider / Alex Reece / The Aloof

Despite the variety of big name acts I cannot remember anything about the day…Can you? Leave a comment below.

Archive: Tribal Gathering 1996

Tribal Gathering 1996
Tribal Gathering 1996 : Otmoor Park, Beckley, Oxon, 4th May 1996 1pm – 9am

If I remember rightly this was somewhere north of London. I went along with a friend, Andrew Bell and again I can’t really remember much about the acts or performances.  I remember watching a bit of Goldie and trying to squeeze into the back of the tent when Black Grape were on. The biggest thing though was seeing Daft Punk making one of their first live performances in the UK. BBC 1FM broadcast the recording on the following weekend and someone has now put it all up on YouTube.

I’ve got a disposable camera from the day, with film that I’ve never got developed. I really must get around to doing that, but it will probably be fucked after all this time.

My biggest memory is it being really cold early in the morning and not going prepared for that. I also came down with a massive headache which forced me to go to the first aid tent. It was that bad. The St. Johns person or whoever it was asked me suspiciously what might have been the reason for such a headache. I simply replied, “well its all this loud music”. He gave me some paracetemol and told me to avoid the music!

I also remember the chill out tent looking like a refugee camp with people lying down all over the place. Trouble was it was right next to the drum ‘n’ bass arena.

Archive: Leftfield, Leeds, Town & Country 28/04/96

Leftfield, Leeds 28/04/96

Leftfield @ The Town and Country Club, Leeds 28/04/96

Travelled up to a very cold Leeds, for this one. It was cold…

Archive: The Higher Intelligence Agency 08/12/93

The Higher Intelligence Agency ticket
The Higher Intelligence Agency at The Zap Club, 08/12/93.

The Zap was always good for gigs and of course club nights. One of those places that was a little bit grimy and scuffed up, but full of soul. Even on the coldest of Brighton nights down there on the seafront, the place was always rockin.

My only memory of this is the HIA playing behind parachute drapes and the live vocal on the fantastic ‘Ketamine Entity’ .

Higher Intelligence Agency flyer 1993

Archive: The Wedding Present 07/12/92

The Wedding Present ticket 07/12/92

Its was 16 years ago today that me and a girl called Steph went to see The Wedding Present play!

1992 was when the band spent the whole year releasing a single on the first Monday of every month. Original material on the a-side and a cover version on the flip. These singles were then compiled together on the The Hit Parade albums.

The Wedding Present Hit Parade 2The Wedding Present Hit Parade 1

I was 20 and 3 months or so into my Uni tour of duty. The only Wedding Present singles I had at the time were ‘Kennedy’, ‘Brassneck’ and ‘Corduroy’ which featured their great version of a personal favourite, ‘Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)’.

As far as I can remember it wasn’t packed out at The Event. There was plenty of space to bounce around. At the time the venue regularly played host to a variety of bands from everyone from Ice T’s Body Count to Blur. When it wasn’t putting on live gigs it was the top spot for student nights and I remember many spent dancing with a pint of cider or bitter in hand.

Anyway, support for the Wedding Present were Tse Tse Fly and Moonshake. I know this not from memory but because I wrote it on the back of the ticket. God knows what they were like though.  I actually wasn’ that bothered about The Wedding Present either. I was persuaded to go by this girl and I spent the evening waiting for them to play ‘Kennedy’.  I remember being a bit disappointed and theres a distant memory of some punter being a bit annoying. That said my interest in the band must have been stirred enough for me to ask for the Hit Parade compilation tapes for Christmas that year.