Your heart is so loud

The music on this short BMW advert has been pricking up my ears everytime I’ve heard it between the ad breaks on Sky Arts. Oh the power of the internet. Shazam of course! Its Colleen”s ‘Your Heart Is So Loud’ from her 2006 EP Colleen Et Les Boîtes À Musique.
A wonderful piece of music!

Nirvana get Rickrolled. NME 26/01/91

Half a page for a Nirvana interview around the release of ‘Silver’ on Sub Pop. Full page for Rick Astley’s comeback. NME 26/01/91.

Frankie Knuckles 18/01/55 – 31/03/14

As far as I know the only time I saw Frankie Knuckles play was down at Turnmills, December 2005 for Danny Ramplings retirement party. Of course like so many others, his pioneering of house music is what ultimately lead me and others into so many clubs, on to so many dance floors and as a result so many unforgettable memories. Rest in peace. House music all night long!

Terry Farley of Junior Boys Own pays tribute in a piece on The Guardian website.

Consultthis Music: 3a – 14 : a Spotify playlist

Listen : 

The Orb Return To Brixton

The Orb Electric Brixton flyer
After 25 years The Orb star is broken and battle scarred, but this coming Saturday it lands at the Electric Brixton for an all-nighter featuring Bomb The Bass and Banco De Gaia. Tempted to purchase a ticket.

In the meantime I found this video of Alex Patterson talking about The Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld album on the Living Albums website.

Listen: The Orb – The Orb – History Of The Future
Listen: Banco De Gaia – Live at Glastonbury

Consultthis Music :: Music from Dadub’s RA.356 – a Spotify playlist

RA.356 dadub
Every so often Resident Advisor really come up with the goods on their weekly podcast. Too often its just an hour of little or no variation in music with the same tempo going all the way through. However there have been fantastic mixes from Max Cooper (RA.281), Discodeine (RA.249) Perc, and most recently dadub. The Italian duo have created a mix of 40 shades of black, featuring Shed,, Rapoon and plenty of dadub tracks from across their catalogue. Grab it before its archived from the RA site or alternatively subscribe to the Spotify playlist I’ve created below.

Listen: Consultthis Music: Music from Dadub’s RA.356

dadub's RA.356 playlist

Consultthis Music playlists 1a – 13 || 2a – 13 (We need to catch up…again)

Sky. Light

Listen::  Consultthis Music: 1a – 13

Listen::   Consultthis Music: 2a – 13

Dr. Feelgood – Riot In Cell Block No.9

Listen: Dr. Feelgood – Down By The Jetty