Archive: Tribal Gathering 1996

Tribal Gathering 1996
Tribal Gathering 1996 : Otmoor Park, Beckley, Oxon, 4th May 1996 1pm – 9am

If I remember rightly this was somewhere north of London. I went along with a friend, Andrew Bell and again I can’t really remember much about the acts or performances.  I remember watching a bit of Goldie and trying to squeeze into the back of the tent when Black Grape were on. The biggest thing though was seeing Daft Punk making one of their first live performances in the UK. BBC 1FM broadcast the recording on the following weekend and someone has now put it all up on YouTube.

I’ve got a disposable camera from the day, with film that I’ve never got developed. I really must get around to doing that, but it will probably be fucked after all this time.

My biggest memory is it being really cold early in the morning and not going prepared for that. I also came down with a massive headache which forced me to go to the first aid tent. It was that bad. The St. Johns person or whoever it was asked me suspiciously what might have been the reason for such a headache. I simply replied, “well its all this loud music”. He gave me some paracetemol and told me to avoid the music!

I also remember the chill out tent looking like a refugee camp with people lying down all over the place. Trouble was it was right next to the drum ‘n’ bass arena.