A flyer a day…Sven Vath @ The Zap Club, Brighton 13/12/93

So I hear the Harthouse label is back again? Banging!

sven_vath_the_zap_ frontsven_vath_the_zap

Primal Scream present ‘the solid vibes rock ‘n’ roll C90′ – a Spotify playlist

Its 20 years since Primal Scream released ‘Screamadelica‘. As a result it feels like there is a bit of a 90’s revival taking place at the moment. Everyone ‘shoe gazing’ back 20 years to 1991.

‘Screamadelica’ was actually released later in the year and funnily enough it was reviewed in the same issue of NME (w/e 21/09/91) as Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’. Primal Scream got a full page review and 10 out of 10 from Stuart Bailie whilst 3 pages later Steve Lamacq gave ‘Nevermind’ a 9 in a small corner review on page 36.

In early 1992 Select magazine’s Andrew Perry visited Bobby Gillespie’s Brighton flat. In a piece entitled ‘punks, drunks and junkies’, Gillespie selected 24 “songs that triggered Primal Scream” and recorded them onto a c90 cassette that was later given away to one lucky reader.  Now with the beauty of Spotify I can bring you 19 of those tracks that made up ‘the solid vibes rock ‘n’ roll C90‘.

5 tracks are unavailable. Dion’s – Born To Be With You / Dennis Wilson – Thoughts Of You* / Lee Hazelwood – Wait & See / Freddie Scott – Am I Grooving You / Tapper Zukie – New Star /

As Perry points out, Gillespie is jet-lagged, having just returned from the Memphis sessions that resulted in the ‘Dixie-Narco’ EP.  As the writer points out, its ‘heavy going’. Have a listen

23/03/14 – * now added to the playlist.

Archive: Brighton gig flyers 1993, 1994


Ride – Going Blank Again
The Charlatans – Between 10th And 11th
The Auteurs – New Wave
Blur – Parklife
Dodgy – The Collection
Elastica – Elastica
Swervedriver – Raise

Archive: Ugly Duckling @ Concorde 2, Brighton 03/03/01

And some live footage…(not from Brighton)

Listen: Ugly Duckling – Journey To Anywhere

Archive: Carl Cox / Laurent Garnier @ The Zap 27/02/95

Carl Cox / Laurent Garnier 1995 Brighton ticket

Carl Cox? Laurent Garnier? At The Zap club? On a Monday night? A school night? Doors open 10.30pm?

This is clearly one of the reasons why I left University education early.

Listen: Laurent Garnier – Shot In The Dark

Archive: Sultans Of Ping FC, East Wing, Brighton 10/2/93

Sultans Of Ping ticket 10/02/93

Another ticket, this time from February 1993. Sultans Of Ping FC at the Brighton Centre East Wing.  My least favourite venue in Brighton at the time.  It was basically a medium sized conference room minus the chairs and whiteboards with a stage at one end.

Support was from a band called ‘King Onz’ ? Anyway that was what I wrote on the back of the above ticket. If I remember rightly they were wearing American football style shoulder pads and platform boots.

I cannot remember anything about the Sultans. I’m sure they played all the hits.  They would have been touring the ‘Casual Sex In The Cineplex’ album and every track on that is a winner.

The band still seem to be around today, but sadly there are no tracks on Spotify to share. There was a time when the ‘Casual Sex’ went for quite a high price on CD via eBay so I never held on to any copies I had.

However there are plenty of clips on YouTube, including this interview from Rapido circa 1992 and the classic “Wheres Me Jumper?”

Archive: Sabresonic @ The Zap 30/01/95 flyer

Listen: The Sabres Of Paradise – Sabresonic

Archive: Suede, The Event, Brighton 1993

Suede recently released a greatest hits compilation, ‘The Best Of Suede’ and on Tuesday 7th December they play the O2, London.

So I thought it was time to post another ticket from the archive. One when I saw Suede play the Brighton Event. Support was from ‘Sharkboy’.

I wrote on the back of the ticket, ‘re-scheduled 19/05/93’ so I assume this was when the gig took place and the not the April date.

Also on the back are the songs played that night;

The Next Life / Moving / Animal Nitrate / Pantomine Horse / Metal Mickey / My Insatiable One / The Drowners / So Young / She’s Not Dead / Painted People / He’s Dead / To The Birds

Bernard Butler was still in the band of course and the I think the gig was just before or after the self titled debut album. The only memory I have was that it was rammed inside the Event.  Evidently oversold on the tickets due to the hype surrounding the band at the time. After trying to stick it out around the front I remember pretty much getting forced all the way back to the sides by the swirling crowd.

Just check out the price on the ticket. £7. I’m showing my age here, but that would probably get you nothing more then 2 beers at the 02.

Were you also at the gig? If so, leave your memories in a comment!

Listen: Suede – Suede (Remastered)

Archive : Justice Benefit – The Loft, Brighton 1994

Justice Benefit, The Loft, Brighton 1994
This lot used to organise some of the great free parties in and around Brighton circa 1994.

I remember attending a couple along past the Marina under the cliffs near Rottingdean in the summer of the same year. We rode down there on our bikes believing nothing was happening until we saw the lights of a transit winding its way along the darkened sea front.  Within a few minutes of its arrival the sound system was fired up and the party had started!

I went to one more, but within a few weeks it had turned sour and there was reports of people trying to cash in on it selling beer and that. Apparently some girl fell from the cliff as well. Tell me if I’m wrong.

There used to be a shop in Brighton on Trafalgar Street? The one that runs down from the station through to the lanes. Tell me again if my memory is wrong. I popped in there one day in the summer of ’94 and picked up a long sleeved tee and some stickers. Probably this flyer too.

The Loft used to be near Churchill Square on Dyke Road? Again its been a while?

Bob Hopes you’ve got no dope!