Moby @ The Roundhouse 02/06/11

Maybe it was the hangover from the night out before (and the morning of the day) celebrating my birthday, but Moby at the Roundhouse was very, very disappointing.  Should I really have expected anything else?  Maybe not. This is after all a rather dull man who makes rather mundane music, that more than often gets used to promote mundane products aimed at mundane people and their mundane lifestyles.

The audience was very much that “look, we’ve paid out on a babysitter so we’re gonna let our hair down tonight right” crowd.  The type of person who maybe has a couple of these “dance” acts on their i-Pod. Filed alongside Groove Armada, Faithless and put on a playlist that’s good to work out to at the gym or jog to etc.

I’m no longer a fan of Moby as you can see. Maybe 15 – 20 years ago there was some appeal, but so much as moved on since that his sound is irrelevant.  I don’t even know what that sound is.  On the night it varied from poppy dance music, of a kind you would play at a 8 year old’s party to weak acid jazz and a horrible cover of ‘Whole Lotta Love.’

Also when a performer is reduced to taking photos of the audience (rather then blasting their minds)  throughout the encore you know things are not right.

Lets remember this and only this from Moby…