Re post: Archive: flyers from Blech @ The Powerhaus, April 1998

Here is a re-post of a page from almost a year ago.

I stumbled over DJ Food’s website the other week after I came across a link on some Ghost Box records he purchased. (Hopefully he got them from Greedbag) Anyway as I trawled back through his posts I found links to the Soundcloud mixes he had done for Warps 20th anniversary.

I thought this would be a nice opportunity to re-post the flyers from those Powerhaus nights.

Anyway to the music. Here is part 1 (below) and you should follow the rest and DJ Food here.

Blech - April

3 examples of the flyers for Warp’s club night Blech. There are a few more which I’ll put up the next few months.  Great design from the Designers Republic.
Blech - April

Blech - April

Did you ever attend a night at Blech? If so please leave any memories in a comment.

Archive: Age Of Chance signed photo 1987

Sent a S.A.E (ask your dad) one day back in ’88 to the address on the back of the sleeves and got this and a nice letter from Jan P.  I replied and got another back. It was like having a pen friend. Do people still do that? Probably not. Text friend innit.

Anyway after (1000?) years of waiting to get the album ‘1000 Years Of Trouble’ on digital (the CD is rare as..) Amazon and iTunes stuck them up to buy last year (I’ve only just found out). Oh and you can listen to it for nish on Spotify here as well.

Nice article published online via The Guardian website for those who want to know more. You should. Nice to see that all four are still friends. Take it!

September 2010 – update: ‘1000 Years Of Trouble’ is now abvailable to listen to in full on Spotify! Click here to listen.