Finds: Ian Hunter > Short Back n’ Sides

Ian Hunter Short Back n' Sides
Ian Hunter > Short Back n’ Sides (Chrysalis Records) 1981 (203 941-320)

1. Central Park West
2. Lisa Likes Rock n’ Roll
3. I Need Your Love
4. Old Records Never Die
5. Noises

1. Rain
2. Gun Control
3. Theatre Of The Absurd
4. Leave Me Alone
5. Keep On Burnin’

The only reason I picked this up for a quid in a Kingston Upon Thames charity shop was because it was co-produced by Mick Jones of The Clash. It also features Mick on guitar and Topper Headon from the band on drums

Tymon Dogg, Ellen Foley and Mick Ronson also appear.

Great cover if you’re into Sleeveface.

Heres some Ian and Mick Ronson in action…