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Archive: Kool FM – Christmas eve 24/12/93

Kool FM Christmas 1993

Here is a real Christmas treat for you. Recorded onto Memorex tape on 24/12/93 after returning from the traditional (back then) Christmas eve trip to the pub.

Probably my favourite 30 minutes of Kool FM I have on  tape.  Love the tunes, the MCing is great and I love the way they keep getting Christmas confused with New Years eve. I just wish I had flipped the tape over and continued recording the rest of the show.

Happy christmas!

Were you listening to the same show or Kool FM around Christmas ’93. Recognise any of the tunes? If so please leave a comment.

Archive: Kool FM – Supreme Team Session 08/04/94

Another treat from the C90 archives!

Like the earlier post from April this is from easter weekend 1994. Originally recorded in the bedroom onto a TDK D90, its now available to listen to care of Soundcloud. This is side A and side B will follow in due course.