Archive: Pop Will Eat Itself @ Hewison Hall, Brighton Centre, 14/07/94

Archive: Pop Will Eat Itself  @ Hewison Hall, Brighton Centre, 14/07/94

Pop Will Eat Itself, Hewison Hall, Brighton 14/07/94

After technical problems resulted in the band leaving the stage to a shower of beer cans and rubbish at the earlier Brighton Essential Festival, PWEI came back to the town a couple of months later. Luckily enough I was still around that summer to enjoy this treat in one of the rooms on the seafront Centre. However I cannot remember any of it 15 years later.

Archive: Essential Festival, Brighton 03/06/93

USSU Carnival '93 Brighton

Essential Festival, Brighton 03/06/93

Archive: Essential Festival Indie Alldayer 27/05/95

Essential Music Festival 27/05/95

Essential Festival, Indie Alldayer, Stanmer Park, Brighton 27/05/95. I have no recollection of this at all. Not even the performances of Carter USM and PWEI who were probably my main attraction for me on the day. Do you? If so leave your memories in the comments section below.