New find: Various Artists > Reactivate Volume 1 : The Belgian Techno Anthems

Artist: Various
Title: Reactivate Volume # 1 : The Belgian Techno Anthems
Label: React Music Ltd (React CD 1) 1991

Reactivate Volume 1 The Belgian Techno Anthems

Picked this up from an Oxfam charity shop in Guildford this weekend. Just happened to be passing by so I popped in and grabbed this little rarity. The first in the long series of ‘Reactivate’ compilations that came out on the now defunct React label.

The Belgian Techno Anthems‘ is its full title and the content is as you would expect from that summer of 1991.  Kicking off with T99 – Anasthasia, its all whistles and stabbing rave piano from the likes of Joey Beltram, Frank De Wulf (under the guise of ‘B-Sides’ and ‘Modular Expansions’) and Problem House.

The Reactivate compilations were a great series of CDs and are always worth picking up, especially when a lot of these tunes remain unavailable digitally.  Later editions were available on vinyl and mixed CD.  From experience these early rave compilations often appear to have been well used and loved by the previous owner (scratches on disc) so watch out for that.

Having listened to it, its great to finally put a name to a track I had on an old Ratpack radio show. Modular Expansions ‘Cubes’.

Purchase here . (August 2010 – sold)