You old bag! #1


I’ve been carrying my golden age hip hop around in this old carrier bag from Beggars Banquet. It’s from around the late eighties. Classic gold on bin liner style black plastic. The record shop is still there. It was bought out from the previous owners, changing it’s name to Banquet Records in the process. They’ve just celebrated their 10 anniversary under the new name and the shop is pretty much the go to place for anything remotely cool in Kingston Upon Thames!

This growing trend for old record shop carrier bags is about to blow up big time in 2015 so remember where you read it first! 😉

Virgin Record Stores present The Virgin Rappers

Back in the mid 1980’s if you wanted to see a music video you would have to hope that it might appear on Top of The Pops, the Tube or something similar. If you were lucky you might have access to MTV or your local pub might have a video jukebox. If not then you had to go out and buy a VHS video cassette instead. Heres how Virgin sold that idea to the youth back then…

The Virgin Rappers :: Dolly Rapper

The Virgin Rappers :: Dolly Rapper – Smash Hits advert

Re-Vinylized: 30-minute documentary about independent record stores in Chicago

This is a great short documentary about record shops in Chicago.

I’d love to know where everyone is getting the extra cash for brand new vinyl these days. Silly prices for 12″ singles out there.