Archive: Fay Masterson interview July 2000

Interview: Fay Masterson (actress)
Date: July 2000
Location: via email
Words / interview: Des Berry

2011:  Setting the scene

Its Oscars night in the US today so I thought (out of desperation again) I would dig out an old film related piece from the archive. This one is an email interview with Fay Masterson and her role in the 2000 film ‘Sorted’.

I can’t remember if I saw the film at a screening first before doing the piece. What I do remember is that I got invited to the “premiere” at a cinema on Shaftsbury Avenue. I remember it well because I even went out and got a smart pair of shoes especially for it, which 11 years later I still have.

The film was pretty rubbish. I doubt you’ve even seen it. Typical weak British film with some awful “club / rave scenes” in it.  I think we (Breakin’ Point) only reviewed it because of that weak link to music.

And that question I ask about Tim Curry getting cast as a fat Jeremy Beedle is fair. He does. Watch it and see, but then again don’t.

‘Sorted’ is a film directed by Alex Jovy. Set around the seedier side of clubbing it stars, Matthew Rhys, Sienna Guillory, Jason Donovan, Tim Curry and Kelly Brook.

With previous roles in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, ‘The Quick & The Dead’ and even the sitcom ‘Game On’, Fay Masterson stars as red-hot Tiffany. We hooked up over a few zeroes and ones.

Q. What are you up to at the moment?

Apart from discovering new ways to enjoy sweet potatoes I’m currently out here in L.A working on my tan. I’ve been based here for about the last 4 years now, but I love coming back to the UK to work and visit family and friends.

Q. For those not familiar with you previous work can you fill us in?

I was most recently in ‘Quantum Project’ and last years ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. I was also in ‘The Man Without A Face’ that starred and was directed by Mel Gibson.

Q. How did you get in to acting?

It was total luck. I was 11 years old and I made my mother take me to an open call audition for this movie that was been held in a hotel in Mayfair. We did it as a lark and by fluke I ended up doing a role in the film. It was ‘The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking’, a family film for Columbia Pictures. I play an orphan with an attitude problem.

‘Q. Sorted’ is based around the clubbing scene. Have you ever been a clubber?

Yes, when I was living in the UK I went to clubs pretty regularly. Theres not much of a great scene over here though. Theres too much posing and not enough reckless abandon.

I love any place with a great friendly vibe. I love 70’s funk and also good dance clubs. My favourite types are places like La Scala which have different rooms for different styles and then real small places with big atmospheres.

The final piece in Breakin’ Point magazine

Q. Are any of your experiences similar to the film?

I’ve never done any hard/psychedelic drugs and I’ve never been owned by a drug lord!

Q. Describe the character you play in the film

She is wild and crazy and will do anything for love, in all its crazy forms.

Q. What research did you do for the film?

Didn’t have the time. I was literally thrown in at the deep end. I had been working on another project over here in the U.S and had one day in between.

Q. Some of the scenes look like they might have been fun, nudge nudge, wink wink.

Yes I had to endure the terrible torture of getting down and dirty with Matt Rhys, but I am a professional and somebody’s got to do it!

Q. Theres a varied cast. What was it like working with an ex-Blue Peter guy, Jason Donovan and Kelly Brook?

Brilliant. Everyone brought their own special flavour to add to the mix.

Q. Why was Tim Curry cast as a fat Jeremy Beedle?


Q. Is it hard for film makers to get across the reality of clubbing of film?

Any reality has the potential to be captured well on film, regardless of where trends go. A film about clubbing does not necessarily have to be ahead of its time if the story is timeless. The club scene is simply the setting …a chosen time to tell this story. It may not capture the essence of clubs by the time the movie comes out, but it does capture “a” time in a club scene that seriously rocks!

Q. You were in ‘Quantum Project’, which was an internet only film. Is this the way forward?

Its definitely one way forward, a very exciting one, but for me it will never replace the thrill of going to a cinema, scoffing popcorn and bitching about the guys head in front of you being too big

Q. What film, book or music is sorting you out at the moment?

I loved ‘What Lies Beneath’, really gripping. I’m reading Oliver Sachs, ‘Anthropologist On Mars’ and have Gomez’s ‘Liquid Skin’ practically on loop.

Q. After ‘Sorted’ what can we see you in next?

A film called ‘Venus and Mars’ with Lynn Redgrave and Julia Sawahla.

Q. Finally, are you sorted?

My whites and colours are in separate piles.

Originally published in Breakin’ Point 04.02 Nov / Dec 01