Archive: Midi Circus, The Event, Brighton 09/06/93

Archive: Megadog presents The Midi Circus, The Event, Brighton 09/06/93

£8 to see Aphex Twin and Orbital at one event! You’d probably have to pay ten times as much to see just one of them now. And then it would probably have to involve camping or something.

All I can remember from this is being blown away by the Aphex Twin’s performance.  That proper old school “oh my god that bass and volume has made me shit my pants” feeling. And the stobes. And ‘Didgeridoo’ live.

Again, I’ve got a C90 somewhere of Richard James playing a similar set at the same years Sound City which was broadcast on Radio 1FM.

Midi Circus ticket June 9th 1993 Brighton


Archive: The Wedding Present 07/12/92

The Wedding Present ticket 07/12/92

Its was 16 years ago today that me and a girl called Steph went to see The Wedding Present play!

1992 was when the band spent the whole year releasing a single on the first Monday of every month. Original material on the a-side and a cover version on the flip. These singles were then compiled together on the The Hit Parade albums.

The Wedding Present Hit Parade 2The Wedding Present Hit Parade 1

I was 20 and 3 months or so into my Uni tour of duty. The only Wedding Present singles I had at the time were ‘Kennedy’, ‘Brassneck’ and ‘Corduroy’ which featured their great version of a personal favourite, ‘Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)’.

As far as I can remember it wasn’t packed out at The Event. There was plenty of space to bounce around. At the time the venue regularly played host to a variety of bands from everyone from Ice T’s Body Count to Blur. When it wasn’t putting on live gigs it was the top spot for student nights and I remember many spent dancing with a pint of cider or bitter in hand.

Anyway, support for the Wedding Present were Tse Tse Fly and Moonshake. I know this not from memory but because I wrote it on the back of the ticket. God knows what they were like though.  I actually wasn’ that bothered about The Wedding Present either. I was persuaded to go by this girl and I spent the evening waiting for them to play ‘Kennedy’.  I remember being a bit disappointed and theres a distant memory of some punter being a bit annoying. That said my interest in the band must have been stirred enough for me to ask for the Hit Parade compilation tapes for Christmas that year.