Old school flyers

A little dig in the Consullthis vaults unearthed some old school flyers from the rave scene from around 1989 and 1990.
Featured here are the following:
ENERGY – The Summer Festival (26/08/89): DJs on the night included: FABIO, EVIL EDDIE, FRANKY, PAUL OAKENFOLD, STEVE BICKNELL, DEM 2, JUDGE JULES, BONES, NICKY HOLLOWAY plus ‘special guest DJ from New York: Franky Bones’.

HEAD (circa 1990) : All nighter at The Mirage Nightclub, Windsor. DJ’s on the night included: COLIN FAVER, ELLIS-D, FABIO, RATPACK, NEIL VITAMIN and FOOD JUNKIE.

These and others will be posted on the main www.consultthis.co.uk site soon.

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