Digital Penetration volume 2 (alt-delete 2008)

Various > Digital Penetration vol 2 (alt-delete) 2008

Picked up this cheap as chips (£4.99) sampler today from Banquet Records in Kingston. For a fiver you get 20 great indie/dance/disco tracks including familiar songs by Metronomy, Late Of The Pier and DJ Mehdi. Pretty much every track on here is a winner and looking at alt-delete’s website this actually came out at the start of 2008. If you see it grab it as its well worth the price just for that DJ Mehdi track ‘ Signature’, (remixed by Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk) that came out at the start of 2007.

1. kap bambino: neutral
2. metronomy: hear to wear
3. late of the pier: space and the woods
4. kavinsky: testarossa autodrive
5. duchess says : black flag
6. slagsmalsklubben: kasta sten
7. fashion flesh: if you go to rome
8. cleckhuddersfax: buses
9. friday bridge: it girl
10. twisted charm: socialite [happy to be best fwends remix]
11. the bubonic plague: nonsense nonsense
12. primary 1: hold me down
13. fryars: chocolate
14. ungdomskulen: surf’s up
15. glass candy: lovin’ machine
16. kania tieffer: get flunky!
17. groupgris: your eyes
18. dj mehdi: signatune [thomas bangalter edit]
19. grabba grabba tape : bué da fixe
20. professor murder: free stress test

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